Money Management and Strategy

This is the most important part of any investment strategy and this includes investing in sports betting.

Bank Roll

First, you must determine your bankroll.  How much are you willing to invest in sports betting in your portfolio.  This should be an amount you are willing to lose and still be comfortable

Unit bets

Betpros will provide you with exactly how many units to bet with each pick.  You can not deter from this at all. Never let a losing streak or emotion allow you to deviate from your unit strategy

Investment Strategy

You should bet 1% of your bankroll per unit, so a 3 unit play will be 3% of your bankroll.  This will allow you to withstand losing streaks and capitalize on winning streaks. 

Money Management

You should only adjust your % of bankroll per unit when your original bankroll goes up or down 25%.  This is different than most money management systems that adjust on a daily basis.  

Bankroll and Money Management Example

If you were to start with a $10,000 bankroll you would bet 1% or $100 per unit per bet. A 3 unit bet would be a $300 bet and a 5 unit would be $500. Win or lose, do not adjust your unit bet until a 25% gain or loss, from your initial bankroll, is realized.  In this example,  until you are down to $7500 or up to $12,500 you do not adjust the $100 per unit bet.  If your bankroll were to get down to $7500 you would adjust your per unit bet to $75 and if you were to get up to $12,500 then you would raise your unit bet to $150 a bet.  

ROI without Money Management
ROI with Money Managament