Football is Back!

100% Documented and Transparent

Sep-21 +49.28
Oct-21 +10.29
Nov-21 -14.6
Dec-21 -7.08
Jan-22 +8.058
Feb-22 +0.516
Mar-22 -12.1



MLB 21 +21.21
MLB 22 +34.39
NCAAB 21/22 +24.00
NHL 21/22
NFL 21
NFL 22


We offer 2 types of packages

This package is the main package which covers all sports and plays ranging from .5-1.5 units.  You can expect about 3-5 plays a day

This package is for players who like a few plays a week to go big on.  These are our 2 unit and above plays.

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How we do it! is made up of a team of experts in sports betting, investing, and business. Just like buying stocks or investing in good real estate, sports betting is an investment, not gambling.  We are not here just to sell you picks, we are here to help you invest those picks into a system that can build your investment portfolio.  What we provide is a panel of experts who study the games, the players, the coaches, and the matchups to give you the edge so you can be a winner and then we combine that with our money management system which has been tested for over 25 years to give you the best edge at solid annual returns that have beat the S&P for 10 years in a row.  No gimmicks, no BS, we document all our plays. The more you win the more we win so we are in this together to make you a sound investment over time.