About Us

 Betpros.net is made up of a team of experts in sports betting, investing, and business. Just like buying stocks or investing in good real estate, sports betting is an investment, not gambling.  We are not here just to sell you picks, we are here to help you invest those picks into a system that can build your investment portfolio.  What we provide is a panel of experts who study the games, the players, the coaches, and the matchups to give you the edge so you can be a winner and then we combine that with our money management system which has been tested for over 25 years to give you the best edge at solid annual returns that have beat the S &P for 10 years in a row.  No gimmicks, no BS, we document all our plays. The more you win the more we win so we are in this together to make you a sound investment over time.

Our Story

The founder of the company started picking lines when he was in high school.  Daily he would bring in the spreads from the paper (before the internet), and circle his picks.  He would then share them with fellow classmates and offer $1 per bet for anyone who wanted to take the other side.  This passion for sports betting would continue in college where he became a bookie with hundreds of clients and then by his early 20's started buying picks from professional handicappers.  Ten of thousands of dollars later he realized that these sports services were mostly unreliable, not documented, and not winners over time, but if you read their websites you would never know that.  So in the late 1990's after becoming a good enough handicapper on his own he started an investment club with a few buddies.  Soon after that, they developed a winning money management system and he started to see $10,000 average winners per year.  He always looked at betting as an investment and not gambling, he never tried to win big or put it all on one game but he knew with the right strategy he could be earning more for his retirement than his financial advisors were doing. This investment club started to grow north of 6 figures and over a 4-year span averaged 25% returns and it was at this moment Betpros.net was born so that we could share our knowledge and help others invest in sports betting and not gamble on sports.

Our Promise

We promise to be honest with all our clients, all our picks will be documented and displayed daily.  We promise to provide you with the best information out there so that you can have the edge on your book and against Vegas.  Sports betting is all about knowledge, the more you know the better your odds are at winning.  vegas sets lines to make sure they get even money on both sides so when the public bets the lines move, but it doesn't mean the line is accurate.  We spend hours daily studying all the games and trends and each day we will produce our best picks for the day.  We will have losing days, weeks, and even months but if you follow all our plays, bet the units we suggest, and follow our money management system, we promise longterm success.