2021 $25 to win $1k Challenge!

The annual $1k challenge

Our 5th year running and we hit our mark every year

First 100 entries only

How do you qualify?

  1. Must be able to play $25/game
  2. Must have a $1k bankroll to withstand losing streaks
  3. Must be one of the 1st 100 to enter
  4. $25 deposit (see below)

How does it work?

Starting 1/1/21 we give you daily plays that you bet at $25/game until we win you $1,000. The challenge is broken down into 4 tiers; tier 1 when we hit $250, tier 2 when we hit $500, tier 3 when we hit $750, and the final tier 4 when we hit the goal of $1k. You pay nothing more until we hit each tier at which that time each contestant must re-up $25 to enter the next tier so you will never be out more than you have won. What this means is after $1k in winning you will have profited in full $900.

The Breakdown!

Cost $25 Profit -$25
After tier #1 = Cost $25 Profit $200
After tier #2 = Cost $25 Profit $425
After tier #3 = Cost $25 Profit $650
After tier #4 = Cost $25 Final Profit $900

Why the deposit?

The $25 deposit assures your commitment. Otherwise, everyone would just win the 1st $250 and leave. Your deposit is refundable if we do not hit tier #1